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Greeting Classmates! Now that spring has arrived on the calendar, here is hoping that spring weather comes soon to where you are, too.

There was a misprint in the March 2015 Checkpoints for the Class of 1978, please read the correct Fall 2015 Checkpoints Article for the Class of 1978 here.

Our 35th Class Reunion which as held between 18-21 September 2013 was a great event. For a partial recap of the event check out the Fall 2013 Checkpoints webpage.

Many thanks to Bob Kay in getting a 78 Is Great Linkedin Group established for our class. This is a great means to keep connected with your fellow classmates.

78 is Great Flag | Detail View of Flag Mosaic (1.9 MB) Check it out!

(The mosaic is a mix of Class of 1978 photos and recent AFA photos. When we get enough photos, we would be happy to rebuild the mosaic with Class of 1978 only photos. Hint, hint..)

78 is Great!

Class of 1978 - United States Air Force Academy
as of 27 Feb 2016