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USAFA Class of 1978 40th Reunion

Great 78 Classmates and Friends,

It's almost time to return to USAFA and reconnect with some familiar faces and places, and discover what has changed – and what hasn't – at your alma mater. It's coming soon! Our 40th reunion will be in the fall of 2018. 40th YGBSM! Featured activities will include all the normal stuff. OK, that's 1.5 years from now. This is just a warning order to get fired up.

Our fortieth reunion is a pretty big deal. We did amazing things in past years giving back to our Academy. I hope we can make the 40th the best ever turnout and make a commitment to the Academy that our alma mater will truly appreciate.

Myself (Bees/Deho Kellenbence) and Kip/Bonemass Warton will start working the plans now, even though we don't have a football schedule or hotel and it's still a year and a half away. Well at least we'll get together and have a few beers making like we are doing something.

OK, start working out now. It will take you all a year and a half to get in reunion shape. Our class president, Steve Dalbey, and the reunion committee (Bonemass and I) can't wait. If anyone out there wants to volunteer to help, here's what the Class of 1978 needs.

Golf POC: John Hicks I hope you still take this on. Every reunion golf outing has been awesome because of your great work.

Memorial Service POC: Not a tough job but requires a lot of attention to detail.

Hotel Guru: Couple of 78ers to figure out the best hotel. This includes tasting food for the menus, which is GOOD duty.

Class Gift Gurus: Committee to come up with a "give back" to the Academy. Our last gift was the commitment to the Holaday Athletic Center. Our Class Gift was crucial to making this happen and the training facility is one of the best in the country. 78 is definitely Great!

If you want to volunteer — or have any Great 78 ideas for the reunion — email, text or call. Forty years...JEEZ! Oh yeah, talk it up with squadron mates. If someone didn't get this letter, then their email is wrong in the AOG database. Easy fix, just gotta do it. 

Wayne Kellenbence

Class of 1978 - United States Air Force Academy
as of 8 Apr 2017